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Mid Michigan Chiropractic Center

Joshua Rashott D.C.

Albert P. Sawaya, D.C., C.C.S.P.

120 Commerce Court
Gladwin, MI 48624


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"I have been suffering from carpel tunnel syndrome and ankle pain for at least a year. I have noticed it getting worse. I did not know what to do to ease the pain. I was taking Advil for some relief, and my doctor advised me to wear splints on my wrists and special braces for my shoes. Since I have been recieving cold laser therapy, the pain and tingling is less than it used to be in both of my wrists and my right ankle. It no longer hurts or stings."

-Marcia Samuels

"I have been dealing with arthritis in the joints in my hand for six or seven years now. Before receiving cold laser therapy at Mid Michigan Chiropractic, I visited the doctor to find something to ease the pain. I did not want the cortisone shots they offered. Therefore, I have been getting cold laser treatments. I am satisfied with the treatment because it has taken down the swelling in my hand and increased my ability to bend and move my fingers more easily. The cold laser therapy at Mid Michigan Chiropractic has helped me feel better." 

-David Brown

"My 12 year old son has received the Cold Laser Therapy at Mid Michigan Chiropractic for two different injuries in the last year. He has battled achilles tendinitis during football and basketball which has resulted in limping and constant pain. After 4-6 laser treatments he has been pain free in that area. He also battles tendinitis in the tops of his feet. THis causes him a great deal of apin and often results in resting and icing to get the swelling to go down. We again tried the Cold Laser Therapy and had great results. He no longer tapes his feet to relieve the pain and has been playing hard for a couple of months without any pain. I would highly recommend the Cold Laser Therapy. It is pain free and extremely fast to receive the treatments."

-April Medema

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